Ken Miguel | ABC7 KGO News Team
Ken Miguel is a Special Projects Producer for ABC7 News, specializing, in long-form, long-term projects that tell the stories of the Bay Area and residents.

A Fremont native, Ken first joined the ABC7 News team in 1994. He has worked in nearly every part of the newsroom, leaving to work as a reporter for KMAX-TV in Sacramento and our sister station in KFSN-TV in Fresno. He also worked as a producer for ABC News based in San Francisco.

Today, he is a multiple time Emmy winner, who works to create content on all of ABC7's platforms. He produces pieces for our newscasts, the I-Team,, and ABC7 Originals for connected TV. He is also our chief drone pilot.

Over the years he has covered some of the nation's largest stories. He has interviewed presidents, and hit the campaign trail with them. He's watched a nation mourn, covering the death of John F. Kennedy, Jr. He's traveled to the jungles of Southern Mexico to witness the incredible poverty, and hope of indigenous people, and to London to help American's understand why the military's argument in favor of a ban of gays and lesbians made little sense.

He's covered hurricanes, political campaigns, wildfires, and the fight of marriage equality.

While he has traveled extensively to cover some of the station's biggest stories, he says there is no better place to cover news, than right here in the Bay Area.

Ken's Stories
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