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A notebook: blank pages waiting to be filled with ideas, stories, and memories. The medium remains constant, but with time the stories change. At age 11, the pages were filled with childhood memories from my hometown in Barranquilla, Colombia. At age 12, the memories and adventures stopped and were replaced with simple words and phrases: "Hello", "My name is Luz", "I'm from Colombia". My notebook became my tool to learn English as a young immigrant to the US. Today, my notebook is for our community, where each blank page is an opportunity to give someone a voice. What's your story?

I've worked in the NY, LA, and SF markets. In the Bay, I was a video journalist for Univision 14. In Los Angeles, I was a reporter, host and digital correspondent for Fox Spanish national network, and Fox Sports/Fox Deportes. In New York, I was a reporter for the platform.

Throughout my journalism career, I've been honored with 9 Emmys, a Society of Professional Journalist - excellence in journalism award, a L.A Press Club Award, and named one of the top 40 Latinos in American Media by the Huff Post. I graduated from Hofstra University in New York with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science.

I'm thrilled to be part of the ABC7 news team and would love to tell your story! Reach out anytime on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Luz's Stories
Study finds majority of people infected with omicron variant were unaware
When asked why some people develop symptoms and others don't, one doctor said there are several theories, including genetics and pre-pandemic exposure.
EXCLUSIVE: SF luxury apartment executive calls contractor theft in vacant unit 'unfortunate'
Property management officials say they have increased security and video surveillance in response to the theft and recent questionable incidents.
EXCLUSIVE: Video shows contractor stealing from vacant SF luxury apartment
Home surveillance videos captured contractors, hired by the real estate company Hines to clean up flood damage, going inside the empty homes and taking items, even using the bathroom. One resident says thousands went missing after fraudulent checks were cashed from her account.
Suspects' ages in elderly woman's beating are 'shocking,' SF police chief says
According to police, the ages of three of the four suspects were 11, 13 and 14 .
EXCLUSIVE: Presumed thief leaves flyers on SF cars asking for money so they can stop 'stealing'
The flyer says "I don't want to steal anymore! But I still have bills to pay. Can you help me please?" The person goes on to list three modern ways that you can pay them. Via Cash app, Bitcoin and PayPal.
Residents report 2nd water leak, presumed theft at luxury SF apartments
The latest water leak at 33 Tehama prompted the evacuation of construction workers who were fixing the building and residents who were picking up belongings.
Bay Area experts explain the effectiveness of FDA's new monkeypox vaccine dosing strategy
The new strategy allows medical professionals to squeeze out five monkeypox doses from one vial, in order to maximize the vaccine capacity.
3 CA cities could soon legalize safe injection sites but some think they would 'normalize' drug use
The pilot program will allow people to use drugs under supervision in efforts to prevent overdoses and safe disposal of needles, but some argue that the focus should be on resources to help addicts recover, instead of encouraging more use.
Here's what declaration of monkeypox as state of emergency means for California
California became the third state in the country to sound the alarm for monkeypox. But what does a state of emergency actually change? ABC7 asked state and local officials to find out.
Newsom declares state of emergency in CA for monkeypox, plans to amp up response
Gov. Gavin Newsom proclaimed a state of emergency to bolster California's response to the monkeypox virus, including testing, vaccines and public outreach.