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A notebook: blank pages waiting to be filled with ideas, stories, and memories. The medium remains constant, but with time the stories change. At age 11, the pages were filled with childhood memories from my hometown in Barranquilla, Colombia. At age 12, the memories and adventures stopped and were replaced with simple words and phrases: "Hello", "My name is Luz", "I'm from Colombia". My notebook became my tool to learn English as a young immigrant to the US. Today, my notebook is for our community, where each blank page is an opportunity to give someone a voice. What's your story?

I've worked in the NY, LA, and SF markets. In the Bay, I was a video journalist for Univision 14. In Los Angeles, I was a reporter, host and digital correspondent for Fox Spanish national network, and Fox Sports/Fox Deportes. In New York, I was a reporter for the platform.

Throughout my journalism career, I've been honored with 9 Emmys, a Society of Professional Journalist - excellence in journalism award, a L.A Press Club Award, and named one of the top 40 Latinos in American Media by the Huff Post. I graduated from Hofstra University in New York with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science.

I'm thrilled to be part of the ABC7 news team and would love to tell your story! Reach out anytime on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Luz's Stories
Coronavirus screening: Calif. COVID-19 task force lead hopes to have enough tests for general public by next month
Gov. Newsom confirmed over 126,000 people have been tested for COVID-19 and 13,000 of those are still awaiting results.
'People are on edge right now': San Francisco businesses boarding up in fear of burglaries during shelter-in-place
"When the times get tough, the tough gets going," that's the way Evan Kidera, owner of Señor Sisig describes a video of his restaurant getting vandalized two days ago.
Coronavirus in California: Lottery rep in coma after testing positive, wife pleads for others to get tested
"At one point in early March, Mike even said, 'This is ridiculous, we don't belong in the field. If we get infected we're going to infect all the retailers and all the members of the community.'"
Coronavirus: San Francisco business owners help locals in need during COVID-19 crisis
"If we're going to go down, we're going to go down swinging against the virus." That's the mindset some business owners in San Francisco have during the battle against COVID-19, by helping others in need when they themselves are experiencing major financial losses.
Coronavirus impact: Business owners prepare for worst after President Trump extends social distancing guidelines
CORONAVIRUS IMPACT: Jay Cheng with the SF Chamber of Commerce says some of the 175,000 small businesses in this city will not survive the pandemic.
'It was wonderful. We were 6 feet apart except for when we kissed,' weddings amid the COVID-19 crisis
In the midst of the uncertainty of this pandemic what two couples do have in common is confidence in their love.
'I try not to let it keep me up': Bay Area residents concerned about paying rent on April 1 despite statewide moratorium
'I TRY NOT TO LET IT KEEP ME UP' | The global pandemic isn't the only concern on the minds of Bay Area residents. For many, rent is due on Wednesday.
Coronavirus Impact: Hair stylists, freelancers in beauty industry struggling during COVID-19 crisis
"It's just upsetting to know that you've put a lot of work into an 11-year salon and you don't know if you're going to be open next month. That's what's hard."
Grand Princess cruise ship passengers headed home after completing quarantine at Travis Air Force Base
The two weeks of quarantine are up for the Grand Princess cruise ship passengers. As excited as they are, some are feeling nervous about returning to the "real world" amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Drive-thru grocery store could help shoppers practice social distancing during coronavirus pandemic
MCDONALD'S STYLE: A South Bay business is taking a page from the fast food industry. It's offering shoppers a way to get groceries without getting out of the car during the coronavirus pandemic.