Bay Area allergies got you down? Ayesha Curry says she feels your pain

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY,Calif. (KGO) -- Bay Area entrepreneur Ayesha Curry says seasonal allergies are making her miserable and she's not alone, we're all sneezing and sniffling!

"Who else in California is suffering from these nasally allergies? I feel like I'm talking out of nose," said Ayesha in a short video posted on her Instagram story.

We hear you, Ayesha!

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ABC7 News Meteorologist Mike Nicco says a chance of rain over the weekend could bring some relief.

"Allergy sufferers might get a brief break. A chance of rain means a chance of lower pollen levels," said Nicco. "I'm tracking a chance of rain for Sunday into Monday."

Nicco's pollen forecast shows tree pollen including Pine, Oak, Juniper and Cedar are high.

He says the possibility of rain could take the pollen level down briefly.

"Until then, we are seeing moderate amounts of grass," said Nicco. "Mold spores are low."

The UV index is also high.

"Burn time is 20 minutes today if you are not protected by sunscreen," said Nicco.

There are some easy tips around the house to cut down your allergy symptoms.

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Reducing allergies in your home is nothing to sneeze at. A good place to start is your bedding. Experts say washing your sheets weekly and drying at high heat can ease allergy symptoms.

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