$5.6M Millennium Tower condo for sale in SF: Its visual and financial vertigo

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- In San Francisco high rise real estate, prices continue to move skywards. Now, that appears to include the most controversial and perhaps litigated building in San Francisco.

"Beep, beep, beep..."

So goes the elevator as we ride 55 floors to the upper echelons while also shifting 6 inches to the northwest. This is, after all, San Francisco's version of Pisa -- the Millennium Tower.

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"You cannot visually see that it is leaning," Gregg Lynn had said a few moments earlier. He's the 28th ranked realtor in the nation -- a man who has sold $1 billion worth of properties.

Now, add Unit 55-A, a corner unit with splendid views of San Francisco Bay, its hills and iconic skyline. We're 550 feet up in a 2,709 square-foot condo with two bedrooms plus a library.

Asking price: $5.6 million.

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"The challenge is finding the buyer who understands the opportunity," said Gregg. Because of its engineering challenges, Millennium Tower units are selling for 30 percent less than the peak. "There is an engineering fix in the works," he said.

Not anyone can tour a condominium unit such as this. There are no open houses on Sundays. Nobody blows past the front desk for a look-see. First, a potential buyer must qualify. "We want to know the person touring can afford it," said Gregg.

In this case, the buyer gets what once was a "white box" as they call it, with $2 million in upgrades, according to Gregg. The sellers knocked out walls, built in furniture, installed techie treats and automatic blinds. The master bedroom and bathroom feel as if you're peering from an elevated aquarium.

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"They can see in," I noted to Gregg.

"That's why there are the blinds," he responded.

From any angle, 55 floors and $5.6 million dollars is a long way up for anyone with physical or financial vertigo.

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"Does it come with oxygen?" I asked Gregg.

"You seem to be doing fine."

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