'Go home!' Bolinas residents plead with visitors to turn around as crowds flock to beach towns during shelter order

BOLINAS, Calif. (KGO) -- Bolinas residents took matters into their own hands Sunday, posting themselves at the town's entrance pleading with visitors and surfers to turn around.

Many clapped when drivers obeyed.

"We want everyone to be aware, this is not spring break and not a vacation, we are all supposed to be staying home," said resident Pamela Springer.

They also posted signs to send the message.

On Saturday, Bolinas and Stinson Beach were overrun with cars and visitors looking for a break, local beaches were packed.

"We wonder if they thought it was OK to swarm Stinson Beach?" said Diana Morell.

Morell has lived in Stinson Beach for 50 years.

"We want to be safe, I want to be safe, I'm a gray hair, I want to be safe but I don't feel like I can even walk my dog now," said Morell.

Someone posted green flyers, saying, "If you don't live here- go home and stay there, you are putting us in danger."

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The crowds forced the closure of the Stinson Beach parking lot, Sky Oaks Road on Mount Tam Marin became off-limits due to crowds.

The Sheriff's Department tweeted: Shelter in place is not a vacation. we strongly advise against traveling away from your home to enjoy the scenery somewhere else."'

"We need everyone to take the public health order seriously it's not a joke, it's not a drill," said Marin County Sheriff's Sergeant Brenton Schneider.

Thomas Churchill drove up from San Francisco.

"It's important to practice social distancing the only reason I'm out here is for exercise, approved activities," said Churchill.

Bolinas residents urge everyone to please stay home.

"We have a bad rap for hating tourists, this is not about that, come back when everything is back to normal. We don't hate you," Pamela Springer added.

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