Coronavirus: San Francisco residents sing from balconies to lift spirits during COVID-19 crisis

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Two to three dozen community members who live at Opera Plaza in San Francisco came together on Wednesday to perform a one song singalong.

They sang "This Land is your Land."

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Most didn't even leave their home, instead just going to their balconies as everyone is still involved in the shelter in place.

"We just thought we would play here in the plaza and get everybody out here on the balconies and have a little singalong," says Char Sachson who played an electric guitar by the pool and helped organize the singalong.

Some without balconies came outside but did so socially distanced at six feet away from anyone else.

Two opera singers were involved in the singalong. One was up on a balcony where she broke out in solo at one point.

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"She did a Gershwin solo and it was just wow totally acappella and just wonderful I think a lot of people were moved by that," says Jess Perry who sings with the San Francisco Opera Chorus.

Everyone here moved and inspired knowing that they're not going through these tough times alone.

"Music kinda takes you away from all of the anxiety that is so heavy on us right now and you can just sorta relax and destress."

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