Coronavirus: Bay Area takes on popular push-up challenge and more on social media, while sheltering-in-place

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Friday, March 27, 2020
Bay Area takes on popular push-up challenge while sheltering-in-place
Orders to shelter-in-place due to the novel coronavirus outbreak have many searching for ways to pass the time. Some are doing it with social media challenges, like push-ups!

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Orders to shelter-in-place have many searching for ways to pass the time.

On social media, the push-up challenge has gained popularity and has also tested creativity for competitors.

ABC7 News received dozens of videos showing viewers taking part in the challenge.

A Bay Area dad did a few push-ups with toddlers on his back. The kids giggled and screamed as dad dipped into another push-up.

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The online competition brings a nice change of pace for those sheltering-in-place.

The goal is to get through ten push-ups and pass it on, tagging or nominating the next group of people.

"Right now, I feel like social media is the most authentic and the most truly connected it's been in a really, really long time," Katie Wang told ABC7 News. "So, it's kind of the silver lining in all of this."

Wang is an instructor and community marketing manager at Barry's. She's completed more than 80 push-ups, brought on by nominations alone.

"It starts with 10 push-ups, but then someone does a push-up with one hand behind the back," she explained. "Or my friend Rio, he did up to 100. And another person did a clap in between."

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Our call for contestants did not disappoint. Videos shared with ABC7 News showed a man dressed as Iron Man, another as Spider-Man, and one man fitted with a Minnie Mouse cap.

Other challengers doubled up, brought in props, and even completely push-ups on a wooden railing.

In the Bay Area, the push-up challenge even brought out some fierce, friendly, law enforcement competition.

In a video posted to Twitter, San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia spoke into a camera and said, "I accept your challenge, Chief Jeff Tudor from the San Leandro Police Department, and here we go..."

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Chief Garcia then challenged San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott.

Chief Scott started his video saying, "Let me show you how the San Francisco Police Department does it."

Scott completed 57 push-ups!

ABC7 News reporter Amanda del Castillo did seven, challenging other station talent to do the same.

Reporter Lauren Martinez finished seven push-ups.

Warning viewers he recently had rotator cuff surgery, reporter David Louie completed eight push-ups.

Reporter Chris Nguyen finished with an impressive 34 push-ups before shouting, "I can't do anymore!"

Morning Executive Producer Martin Ortiz completed seven, and challenged the reporters and anchors of ABC7 News Midday Live!

Fortunately, there are other trending challenges that aren't so physical.

Pup-for-pup allows dog lovers to share photos of their canines.

Of course, cat-for-cat encourages cat lovers to share pictures of their felines.

These are simple pleasures while sheltering-in-place.

"It's really fun to see how playful social media has gotten again, and how authentic," Wang told ABC7 News. "It's been refreshing."

ABC7 News is challenging viewers.

Post to our Facebook page, use the #abc7now on Twitter, or tag us on Instagram.

The goal is seven-for-seven, which means you're invited to share seven push-ups with ABC7.