Holiday shoppers brave outdoor lines as stores enforce COVID-19 restrictions

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KGO) -- We are now just days away from Christmas and while COVID-19 numbers are soaring, it hasn't stopped shoppers from hitting the malls.

Many stores are strictly enforcing the state-mandated coronavirus guidelines and we saw that Sunday night in the East Bay.

Victoria's Secret, Ecco and Lush all had lines as retailers enforce COVID-19 restrictions at the Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek

"This year you have to wait in line," says shopper Vick Svetcoff.

Gabbi Matteucci said, "I just don't like the lines."

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But there are lines because retailers are limiting the number of people inside at one time due to state mandates. Some stores are only allowing one or two patrons.

"That's been rough and then not being able to try on clothes has been a bit of an issue too," says Matteucci.

Crowds at Broadway Plaza have been limited this holiday.
"It's not as crowded as it was last year," says Sharri Dancy.

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Parents face early holiday fatigue in trying to find this season's most wanted gifts; the pandemic is at play in a potential toy shortage.

But some shopping traditions don't die, even in pandemic times. Diana Lloyd's health is high risk but her father died as a child and since that time she's been bringing her mom chocolate on Christmas. She put on her special leggings, a mask, and came out to See's.

"This is one of the new ones from this year they are candy cane leggings, I was wearing a red sweatshirt earlier so I was completely decked out like a candy cane," says Lloyd.

With all the COVID-19 restrictions and the usual virus complaints, it was actually nice to hear a complaint about something else. In this case prices.

"Expensive! Expensive! Expensive!" says Sarai Butanda-Jimenez.

Something we've all heard before. But this year paying those sometimes expensive prices may just help keep some stores alive.

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