Nebraska family builds 'hugging station' for vulnerable grandparents during COVID-19 pandemic

NEBRASKA (KGO) -- A Nebraska family has come up with a brilliant solution to hug-less visits with the grandparents by building an outside "hugging station," using plastic sheets and long gloves.

Parent Jen Janovec Meyers shared her family's story on Facebook in early November, explaining that the station was built in response to her father-in-law's delicate health situation.

"So Matt's dad has cancer," Meyers says, "and ever since Covid hit there has been very limited family contact."

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"After a visit about a week ago and a very sad moment when they couldn't hug the boys when they left," the mother continues, "we decided to build a hugging station so they could hug Granny and Popo again!"

Meyers also shared a video that shows the station in action on Nov. 2.

The family laughs as Granny gets her hugs, and Popo says, "Don't forget about me!"

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