Couple at center of kidnapping Vallejo police called hoax break their silence

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Saturday, March 24, 2018
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The couple at the center of the kidnapping Vallejo police called a hoax are sitting down with Amy Robach for an in-depth interview on ABC 20/20.

VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) -- It is exactly three years since Matthew Muller kidnapped Denise Huskins. The couple at the center of the kidnapping Vallejo police called a hoax are sitting down with Amy Robach for an in-depth interview on ABC 20/20.

For three years, Denise Huskins says she was the woman behind the blindfold, then the woman behind her attorneys. Finally, stepping now into her truth and using her voice, describing in her words the terror she survived.

EXCLUSIVE: Woman in Vallejo kidnapping case recounts her 'nightmare'

"I opened my eyes and there was a flashing light and he said, 'Aaron, turn over,'" said Denise Huskins talking with Amy Robach.

"So he said 'Aaron's gonna put his hands behind his back. You're going to tie his hands behind his back and his feet together,'" continued Huskins.

Huskins and her now fiancé Aaron Quinn spoke exclusively with ABC News Anchor Amy Robach about the night Matthew Muller broke in Quinn's Vallejo home then kidnapped Huskins.

"I kinda shared with him, something that happened when I was younger. Hoping maybe that, knowing that I've already been assaulted, that, that he won't wanna add to it, but, you know," Huskins trailed off.

"He raped you," said Robach.

EXCLUSIVE: Couple at center of Vallejo kidnapping police called hoax speak out

"Yeah," said Huskins.

Muller eventually released Huskins in her hometown of Huntington Beach.

"When he opened the car door I thought, like, this is, this is it. I thought I was walking to my death and then I heard a door close behind me and I pulled up the blindfold and I thought, oh God, he is going to release me," said Huskins.

Vallejo Police called the couple liars that same night.

"The fact that we've essentially wasted all of these resources for really nothing is really upsetting," said Lt. Kenny Park with the Vallejo Police Department on March 25, 2015 during a press conference.

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"Police weren't even looking for a kidnapper or a perpetrator because they didn't even believe a kidnapping occurred," said Robach during an interview with ABC7 News.

"I knew they were gonna look at me as a suspect. If she didn't get the kidnappers to let her go, I would be behind bars," said Quinn.

Three months later, Muller broke into a Dublin home. Investigators then linked him to Huskins' kidnapping.

"They would like an apology and they would like changes in policy in addition to the money they've received from the Vallejo Police Department," said Robach.

An apology that has yet to happen publicly. As part of a tentative 2.5 million dollar civil lawsuit settlement, the Vallejo Police Department does not have to admit any wrongdoing and has told ABC News they have no comment.

Muller is now facing new rape charges. The Solano County Chief Deputy District Attorney says Muller's arrest warrant has been processed. It could take up to 60 days or longer for him to be extradited from prison where he's serving 40 years on federal kidnapping charges. He'll also be facing robbery, burglary and false imprisonment charges. The couple is adamant they don't believe Muller acted alone.

Huskins and Quinn plan to get married this fall.

Watch the in-depth interview with Amy Robach on ABC 20/20 at 10 p.m.

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