Coronavirus kindness: Livermore restaurant serving up free meals to first responders, front-line workers

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Friday, April 10, 2020
East Bay restaurant gives back to front-line workers, first responders
"We live as a family, we work as a family and we share as a family." East Bay restaurant retains their entire staff and gives back to first responders and healthcare workers

LIVERMORE, Calif. (KGO) -- Restaurants and small businesses have had to face many challenges because of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Americano, a restaurant in Livermore, had to change the way they do business by offering take-out and deliveries, but a few things that haven't changed is the size of their staff and its appreciation for their community.

"We live as a family, we work as a family and we share as a family," said Vesna Kahriman, owner of Americano "There is a dozen of us working here. We have employees that have been here with us for years and we are still together and we are not letting anyone go," she said.

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Vesna Kahriman and her family credits the "beautiful town of Livermore" and the Tri-Valley for their support during this time of uncertainty.

"Without their support, we wouldn't be able to continue," said Kahriman. "With their support we are trying to continue and to support whichever way we can."

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, many first responders would frequently visited the restaurant.

On Thursday, the Kahriman family and their employees want to reciprocate the favor to local first responders and healthcare workers who are risking their lives.

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"If we can bring them food from the place that they like and it to bring them. Bring them something to feel better," said Kahriman. "Let them know that they are not alone in this. Then, I feel like we did something," she said.

Americano has delivered food to the Pleasanton and Livermore police departments.

Fire departments in the surrounding communities have stopped by to pick-up a "special" prepared meal.

"We made all kinds of sandwiches with our specialty sauces. We made lasagna with a salad and some cookies," said Kahriman.

The Kahriman's gratitude for people who are fighting against the coronavirus continues to grow. They plan to prepare meals for healthcare workers at a local emergency center.

"These people are all on the frontlines and I think that we can all do a little bit to make their lives easier right now," said Khariman. "They are not able to be with their families but to be out there for our families so we can all chip in something."

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