Wildfire smoke looms over Bay Area as fire watch continues in Concord

NAPA, Calif. (KGO) -- Fire season is here. That's clear from the fire watch in Concord that will continue through the weekend. And it was evident in the ominous cloud of smoke that swept over the Bay Area from fires in not one, but two counties to the north: Lake and Yolo.

It's put some people on edge.

As the dark smoke swept into downtown Napa it came with a heavy feeling.

"A lot of friends and family were texting today and saying they were having some PTSD," said Napa resident Savannah Kirtlink.

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The pain of the North Bay fires is still fresh. Kirtlink took a picture of the dark gray smoke as it drifted over her house on Saturday.

The smoke is coming from the County Fire in Yolo County and the Pawnee Fire in Lake County. It's not much of a comfort for Kirtlink. Her family evacuated during the Atlas Fire and she feels for her neighbors to the north. .

"I'm imagining what they're going through," she said.

Red flag warnings continue to loom over Napa and Sonoma counties until the warning expires Sunday afternoon, meaning fire risk is high.

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In Contra Costa County wind likely re-ignited a grass fire at Ygnacio Valley and Cowell roads in Concord. The more than 260-acre grass fire threatened homes and forced evacuations Friday evening. Embers from smoldering trees likely started the second fire Saturday afternoon. Crews got it under control quickly.

"We were prepared for this. We up staffed. We have extra crews on duty all weekend because of the high fire danger and this is exactly why we do that," said Fire Marshal Robert Marshall of the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District.

People who live nearby in the Crystyl Ranch and Monticeto neighborhoods are grateful for the regular and extra crews.

"Without the firefighters a lot of our homes probably would have burnt down. It's nice to know that..people are there to take care of us and our homes," said Concord resident Dylan Maloney.

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Firefighters say a recent brush clearing by the homeowners association likely helped, too.

Homeowners aren't taking any chances. They're keeping Station 22 crews fed, hydrated and ready for the next fight. Maloney and his father Sean delivered soda and cookies.

"I'm going to eat every last one of them. Thank you guys so much, I appreciate it," said the firefighter who collected the goods.

A pick-up truck backfiring along Ygnacio Valley Road may have sparked the initial fire in Concord, which goes to show just how dry the grass is and how serious the fire danger is.
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