Report: Student planned 'Columbine 2.0' at California High School in San Ramon

SAN RAMON, Calif. (KGO) -- A new report says a student in San Ramon was planning to commit what he called "Columbine 2.0" at California High School, but wanted his to be deadlier.

According to our media partner the San Jose Mercury News, a police report says officers searched the kid's home and found a tactical vest, camouflage helmet, a toy shotgun, handwritten notes and digital data.

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There is a lot of gratefulness at California High School that a student came forward. He says the freshman was trying to recruit him, but he reported him to resource officers. Administrators commended him for coming forward. They have arrested the teenager who was planning the attack. They have not released his name because he is a juvenile.

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According to the report, he wanted to carry out this attack on the same day as the Columbine attack April 20, 2021.

San Ramon Police will have extra officers at tonight's graduation ceremony. They say they are not responding to any current threat but are doing it because of what has been going on and to be safe.

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