How does Lyme disease affect you? Doctor talks about illness missing SF radio host suffered from

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Friday, March 3, 2023
Lyme disease: Doctor talks about illness suffered by missing radio DJ
How does Lyme disease affect you? Doctor talks about illness missing Bay Area Wild 94.9 radio host Jeffrey Vandergrift suffered from.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: San Francisco police confirmed on Thursday, March 23 that a body found in the water off Pier 39 is missing Wild 94.9 show host Jeffrey "JV" Vandergrift. Go here for the latest on this developing story.

The previously reported story can be found below.

The popular Bay Area radio host Jeffrey Vandergrift who has been missing for a week, is now presumed dead. The news about JV has increased the visibility of Lyme disease, which the Wild 94.9 DJ was diagnosed with in 2021.

Vandergrift had openly talked about his struggles with the illness, which he says often gave him "brain fog."

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Lyme disease is known to cause dizziness and fatigue, but it can also cause depression, anxiety and even rage.

To learn more about the debilitating illness, ABC7 News contributor Dr. Alok Patel joined us to give an insight into the ways Lyme disease can affect your physical and mental health.

Watch the video in the media player above for the full interview.

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