49ers coach Katie Sowers touched by young fan's drawing after Super Bowl loss: 'It means so much to me'

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Monday, February 3, 2020
49ers coach Katie Sowers touched by young fan's drawing
49ers coach Katie Sowers touched by young fan's drawing

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Trailblazing San Francisco 49ers coach Katie Sowers may not be a world champion yet, but the first woman to coach in a Super Bowl is leaving Miami as a high-profile role model for young girls across the country and in the Bay Area.

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Sowers took to Twitter on Monday to thank her supporters and one fan in particular.

ABC7 News sports producer Casey Pratt tweeted a picture that his 6-year-old daughter drew during the Super Bowl of Katie Sowers.

"The @49ers didn't win the #SuperBowl, but the mark they left on young kids like my 6-year-old daughter was a win for humanity," wrote Pratt. "I love that she was inspired to draw this picture of @KatieSowers during the game. #SBLIV #GoNiners #GirlDad"

Sowers spotted the tweet and replied.

"This.... Tell your daughter that her picture is beautiful and it means so much to me. Thank you for being an amazing #girldad"

Sowers received hundreds of tweets of support during the game including many celebrities and even fans rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton tweeted: "History, made. Last night, @49ers offensive assistant coach @katiesowers became the first woman and the first openly LGBT person to coach a team in the Super Bowl."

"We erupted in applause at our house when your segment ran during the Super Bowl. It was very moving. We were rooting for the Chiefs to win (I'm from MO) but you should know we think you are awesome!," tweeted 'The Office' actress Jenna Fischer.

TV host Ellen DeGeneres tweeted: "@KatieSowers, I hope you know what an incredible thing you accomplished yesterday."

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Sowers tweeted that she also got some social media hate after the game, but implored fans to be kind.

"I wanted this so bad for my guys... for my dad. Congrats to the @Chiefs... please as you comment to my players or staff members, remember we are all human. As

@TheEllenShow says, Be Kind. This loss has unfortunately reminded me of the hatred in this world."

This was Sowers' fourth season in the NFL and second as an offensive assistant with the 49ers.

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