Chilling details reveal intent behind Paul Pelosi attack in San Francisco; Newsom, Tom Hanks targets

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Thursday, December 15, 2022
Chilling details reveal intent behind Paul Pelosi attack in SF
David DePape, who faces attempted murder charges in the attack on Nancy Pelosi's husband, Paul, is likely headed to trial.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The suspect facing attempted murder charges in the attack on Nancy Pelosi's husband, Paul, may go to trial.

David DePape appeared in state court for his preliminary hearing on Wednesday, where the judge ruled there was enough evidence to support all six charges against him.

TIMELINE: Latest updates after Paul Pelosi attacked inside San Francisco home

Gruesome details were revealed in the courtroom Wednesday about how the attack on Pelosi unfolded and DePape's alleged plans after to target others on his "hit list."

Some of those targets include Governor Gavin Newsom, Hunter Biden and actor Tom Hanks. Investigators say DePape planned to go directly to their homes following the attack.

Throughout the nearly four-hour hearing, the prosecution called two witnesses to testify, including one of the officers who responded to the scene and a lieutenant from SFPD's special investigations unit.

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San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins says prosecution has strong evidence against David DePape for his Paul Pelosi attack,

The evidence and interviews shared revealed a chilling new perspective of the intent of this attack.

Let's start with the 9-1-1 call. Pelosi's voice was calm during his conversation with the 9-1-1 operator he had in the bathroom, where he subtly hinted to her that a man "whom he didn't know" was in his house looking for his wife, Nancy, shortly after Pelosi asked for Capitol Police. We later learned Capitol Police were not monitoring the cameras at the time.

Body camera footage played in court revealed that Pelosi was unconscious on the ground in a pool of blood and snoring within 30 seconds of officers knocking on the door.

Officer Kyle Cagney demonstrated before the judge how he saw DePape strike Pelosi with a steel, 5-pound metal hammer -- more than a foot long.

EXCLUSIVE: Former partner of accused Paul Pelosi attacker DePape reveals new details about suspect

The former partner of the man accused of attacking Speaker Pelosi's husband at their SF home on Friday is revealing new details about the suspect.

ABC7 News asked District Attorney Brooke Jenkins about DePape potentially pleading insanity.

"That is something that is normal in criminal cases and we will of course prepare accordingly should that be what he does," Jenkins said.

Meanwhile, DePape's public defender had little to say.

"I have no further comments today about the case - Mr. DePape is going to be fighting this case in court, not the hallway," Adam Lipson said.

Prosecutors also played a 17-minute clip of DePape's first interview with investigators, where the defendant confidently said he didn't regret anything he did, adding he was tired of all the "lies from Democrats" -- saying "they are criminals" "endless f@#$ing crime spree," "it's a whole f@#$ four years of crime," "worse than Watergate."

Investigators say DePape told Pelosi he would "take him out" 10 different times, and in the interview admitted to threatening Pelosi if he interfered with his mission, saying "I have other targets," and "if you stop me from getting to other people, you will take the punishment."

VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi reveals how she first heard about attack on her husband at SF home

Nancy Pelosi revealed how she got the news that her husband, Paul, had been attacked inside the family's San Francisco home by David DePape.

DePape will be tried on all six charges filed against him, which include attempted murder.

Judge Stephen Murphy even commented on the substantial amount of evidence revealed against DePape on Wednesday, saying it shows "he intended to kill Paul Pelosi and did so with premeditation and intimidation."

Speaking of some of that evidence, what else was showed in court?

Surveillance footage from U.S. Capitol Police that showed how DePape entered the property and hit the patio window 16 times to break in. But that wasn't enough. So you then see him use his body to ram into the window to break the glass.

ABC7 News was told this footage won't be released publicly.

VIDEO: Who's David DePape? What we know about suspect in attack on Nancy Pelosi's husband at SF home

David DePape, the suspect in a violent attack on Nancy Pelosi's husband inside their home, took a hard turn to conspiracy theories in recent months.
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