DRONEVIEW7: Quaint & cozy Point Richmond is a city within a metropolis

RICHMOND (KGO) -- Point Richmond is a city within a metropolis. It's like a tiny hamlet nestled next to the sprawling Chevron Refinery and train yards on the north end of the city.

It's a relatively undiscovered part of the Bay Area, said Daniel Butt, a local attorney and president of the Point Richmond Business Association.

"It's a very close knit community in a large metropolis," he said. "This town was built around the Chevron Refinery and the train yard here originally, and it grew up as a blue collar town. That's deep in its history."

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Point Richmond boasts some exceptional restaurants, charming cafes bursting with community color, and historic landmarks that date back to the incorporation of the city more than a century ago.

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The views are also unbeatable, he said, with sweeping vistas of San Francisco Bay and a clear view of the city, Mt. Tamalpais, and the Golden Gate.

"It's also a great place to live, the weather here is great, and we've got your central access to most of the Bay Area," Butt said. "And Richmond and Pt. Richmond remain more affordable than the rest of the Bay Area in general."

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