QUICK TIP: How to get better grades without studying harder!

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- How would you like to get better grades without working harder? Michael Finney has a Quick Tip from 7 On Your Side.

The key here is to match your instructor's teaching style with your learning style. So if you're a good writer, you want a term paper; if you take tests well, you want a bunch of quizzes and tests. Now you could go word-of-mouth on this ask your friends, ask other classmates, who do they recommend -- but better yet, go online. There are a half-dozen websites that specialize in rating teachers. One of them is called RATE MY TEACHERS and another is called RATE MY PROFESSORS.

And here's a final tip: take an 8 a.m. class. Those early morning classes come with a free grade point build in. That's because teachers tend to round up your grade if you take one of those early classes -- because there are so few of you willing to get up early and those who do, often miss classes. So take an early class and get a higher grade.
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