Job Hunting with Jobina: Reborn Cabinets is hiring designers and installers

Thursday, July 2, 2020
Looking for a job? Reborn Cabinets is hiring
Looking for a job? Reborn Cabinets install new kitchens and bathrooms across California, and they have an office in Pleasanton.

PLEASANTON, Calif. (KGO) -- Vince Nardo is the president of Reborn Cabinets. His company installs new kitchens and bathrooms across California, and they have an office in Pleasanton.

"We really have a demand," Nardo said. "We want to get people trained and get them back to work."

The pandemic has created loads of summer home projects for Nardo's team members.

"People got sick and tired of staying home in a dingy, dirty, kitchen and bathroom right? They figured, I can't go on vacation. I have this money saved. What am I going to do? Let's fix the home!"

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Do you have a trendy eye? Designers of kitchens and bathrooms are in demand. How are you with working with your hands? Because once that design is approved, someone has to install it.

If you don't have the exact skills needed to fit the role, don't worry. Reborn Cabinets offers paid training through the company.

"It's really been great to see how we've taken these kids and these younger people who have no understanding of this industry and basically in like 6 to 8 months get them an income they never thought they could get, on both our sales and installation side."

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Nardo told ABC7 News that safety was paramount pre-pandemic. His company has made minor adjustments to accommodate social distancing and mask mandates. For example, most appointments are virtual.

"We do almost everything without ever going to their home and we offer contactless free installation," Nardo said.

Reborn Cabinets has about to 40 to 50 open jobs in their Pleasanton location. One of the positions may be for you!

For more information on available positions at Reborn Cabinets, click here


Company: Reborn Cabinets

  • Job: In-Home Sales Representative
  • Responsibilities: Present products to interested home owners
  • Qualifications: Sales and good customer service experience preferred

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