EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Bicyclist nearly hit by 2-car crash as San Jose copes with high traffic deaths

The crash highlights the issues the city has been having with traffic fatalities as San Jose continues their record pace.

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Saturday, March 26, 2022
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Bicyclist nearly hit by 2-car crash in SJ
ABC7 has exclusive video of a car accident involving two vehicles and a bicyclist Thursday in San Jose. No one was seriously hurt in the incident.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A car accident involving two vehicles and a bicyclist was all caught on camera Thursday in San Jose. The crash highlights the issues the city has been having with traffic fatalities as the city continues their record pace.

"As an officer, this is the worst-case scenario," San Jose Police Dept. Officer Steve Aponte said. "You see so many violations occurring in one time that are not only dangerous for the drivers who are committing them or the riders who were committing them, but for pedestrians."

The video shows that a silver car had a green light coming down Julian Street, while both a Porsche SUV and a bicyclist ran a red light on 17th Street.

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt.

The vehicles ended up in the front yard of Danny Rey and all this action was captured on his security cameras.

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Two people died in a traffic accident that turned fatal in San Jose Tuesday night. Now, the city may be on its way to beating its own record.

"There's a lot of kids, there's an elementary, a junior high and a high school and they all walk through here," Rey said. "I knew this was going to happen because of all the speeding, all the running red lights and the accidents that have been happening."

A day later, Rey is left to pick up the mess from the crash alongside his brother, who was badly injured in a bike accident that left him nearly paralyzed.

Rey says he installed the cameras because none were able to capture the crash that injured his brother.

He has seen many crashes through his security cameras, but seeing the bicyclist run the red light hit close to home.

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"You have to tell everyone out there to be careful. I've got a son that rides a bike to work. I've got footage of people walking by minutes before that accident. Can you imagine?"

Police say the driver of the Porsche was 53-year-old Carlos Bryand. SJPD says he took off after an officer tried to pull him over for speeding.

The officer did not pursue Bryand due to protocol, but the crash happened shortly after.

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Santa Cruz County Sheriff's tell us the Porsche SUV was reported as stolen by two carjacking suspects in 2020. Bryand was not said to be a key suspect in that case.

Bryand was arrested and booked for possession of a stolen vehicle, reckless driving and other charges.

Ironically, the crash may have saved the life of the cyclist. By Bryand running the red light, the cyclist likely would have been hit by the silver car.

All of it is a reminder that more needs to be done to avoid traffic deaths.

"They need to change," Rey said. "They need to fix these streets, they need to fix the crosswalks and they need to acknowledge the community of certain areas that are getting hit the most."

"This video and this story is something hopefully that will open the eyes to the public and let them see and understand that we have to follow those rules of the roadway," Ofc. Aponte said. "We have to pay attention, we can't be distracted, we can't be speeding, because it could cost somebody their life."