Silicon Valley celebrating pride, 'Living Out Loud'

"It's a time when we're able to really just live out loud and be whoever we want to be."

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Sunday, August 27, 2023
Silicon Valley celebrating pride, 'Living Out Loud'
There was party in San Jose on Saturday with Silicon Valley Pride kicking off with a night festival.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The South Bay is showing its Pride this weekend. On Saturday, it concluded its pride week with a parade in San Jose.

"It's a time when we're able to really just live out loud and be whoever we want to be and not be questioned or have weird looks at us," said Mary Lawrence from Oakland.

Living Out Loud and Living Out Proud is the theme of this year's pride.

"I think 'Living Out Proud' is a great way to celebrate pride, it takes us back to the roots of pride and what it's about," said Nicole Altamirano, the CEO of Silicon Valley Pride. She says "Living Out Proud" is as important as ever.

"That theme I feel is hitting really close to home this year. And even from last year as well, where we're seeing the legislation that is sweeping across the nation trying to take us back in time," she said.

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Silicon Valley Pride Festival kicks off at 6 p.m. Saturday evening and goes through 11 p.m. A parade kicks things off Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

"Obviously with everything that's going on in the world we need to make sure we're together and strong and showing up and not being afraid," said Hannah Gould, San Jose resident.

The ACLU is currently tracking nearly 500 bills taking aim at LGBTQ+ rights many aimed at the transgender community.

"Coming out and being out in the community gives strength to some of those especially transgender folks these days that feel so isolated mentally or just in communit," said Anjali Rimi, President Parivar Bay Area.

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Thousands of people expected to show up for this year's Pride festivities, many of them allies.

"I'm an ally and have a queer kid myself, so volunteering and advocating for the community is very important to me," said Carol Heath from Sunnyvale.

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"It's a community that unfortunately doesn't receive unconditional support and so I really think we really have to be here for these people on their journeys, especially since it can be a long and hard and difficult one," said San Jose resident Kasey Chung.

Chung is a high school student and says she's here to have fun and show her support.

"It shows how tight knit of a community we are and we're not going to back down and we have a lot of resilience," said Chung.

For more on Silicon Valley Pride, you can visit its website here.

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