3 senior citizens robbed in San Francisco, one looking for Good Samaritans who saved her

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Over the course of three days, three senior citizens were robbed on the streets of San Francisco.

While police report most crimes are down from February to March and robberies are down 20%, these figures aren't sitting well with residents in parts of the city.

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Some are questioning the stats and say from what they've heard and experienced first hand is quite the opposite.

Two attacks happened around 1:30 p.m. in San Francisco's Fillmore District outside the SPCA and Bank of America ATM on Fillmore Street. A 70-year old woman had her purse snatched and then an 84-year old, just moments later was knocked to the ground.

"I was crying a lot and I said I've been through something I never thought I would in my whole life." said the spritely Joan Robinson, sitting alongside her daughter, Fran Rubenstein at their home just blocks away from where the incident happened.

Joan was on her way to the ATM when the incidents happened and had just witnessed, moments earlier, a 70-year old woman, outside the SPCA had her purse grabbed away as well. Joan's daughter believes the coronavirus outbreak could be to blame.

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"All of these stores had guards nearby because they were getting ripped off. Now all the stores are closed!"

Joan nods her head in agreement and adds "maybe we should have something like people together and make a plan to watch out for each other."

In Chinatown, that's exactly what's happening with the "United Peace Corps" watch group. Since the outbreak happened, they patrol the streets daily and have reported numerous crimes in progress.

"What we find is people are too scared to report to authorities what's really going on and that's why the numbers seem so low," says Leanna Louie, who formed the group earlier this year.

Meantime as tiny 5-foot-1 Joan is on the mend and shows us her bruises, and points out the sore spot on her head, she sends her deepest thanks to whoever the Good Samaritans are... who helped her during the scariest moments of her life.

"You couldn't ask for nicer people, so generous with her time and so caring. It's just wonderful," said Joan.

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