Super Bowl 2020: Faithful count down to 49ers vs. Chiefs

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Sunday, February 2, 2020
Super Bowl 2020: 49ers Faithful countdown to Sunday's final game
With Super Bowl LIV just hours away, 49ers fans in Miami are getting their last fix of carefree fun, before things get real Sunday night.

MIAMI (KGO) -- Super Bowl Sunday is just hours away. Fans in Florida are getting their last fix of carefree fun. Come Sunday evening, things get real.

"It's not really clicking in right now, but it will," Jason Fernandes, a Niners fan, shared.

By this time on Sunday, one team will have won it all.

"I was here 25 years ago when we last won," Fremont resident David Dimare said. "So, I think the luck's going to continue tomorrow."

Fans know they didn't have to shell out thousands for a seat inside Hard Rock Stadium, as support for the red and gold can be felt from a distance.

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"Unfortunately, we're only here to be in the Super Bowl-esque area," Sal Valtierra said. "Rooting for the Niners."

At an early afternoon rally on Saturday, many fans said it felt like home.

Gloomy weather, paired with hundreds in red and gold, reminded many about home games at Levi's Stadium.

Team President Al Guido said, rain or shine, it's a celebration.

"There's a lot of people in this world that would love to be standing here, regardless of rain," Guido said

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49ers former defensive end Dennis Brown took the stage to show his support.

If you recognize his name, that's because he's been here before.

Brown was part of the team's last Super Bowl title, Super Bowl 29, played right here in Miami in 1995.

"I remember the night before the Super Bowl 25 years ago," Brown recalled, "Getting ready to play this football game. You got nerves, you're looking through your playbook, but you're excited."

Fans are sharing in that excitement and also sharing tips for the younger generation of the Faithful.

"Savor every moment, and just like take it all in," Dimare said. "Just enjoy the moment. That's the thing!"

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