Super Bowl 2020: Niners Faithful looking to score last-minute tickets to 49ers vs. Chiefs game in Miami

MIAMI (KGO) -- Just one day out from Super Bowl LIV and the search to find last minute tickets is heating up for Niners fans on South Beach.

Nate Payne, a traveling Niners fan, got in to Miami Thursday night and is still looking to score a ticket. He has a game plan.

"I wait until the last minute so I can come up and get a $500, $1000 ticket" said Payne. "Because there's always that significant other who doesn't show up."

Tickets are still going for thousands, so finding one for an eighth of the price would be a steal.

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Payne is far from the only one hoping for a 'Hail Mary' searching for a ticket on the beach.

Amit Motawala who made the trip from San Francisco mid-week says he doesn't have a ticket yet, but "We have something lined up. So we're definitely getting in."

His wife is even more optimistic and is hoping the odds are in her favor.
"I'm turning 49 on February 1st so I'm 49 for the 49ers!" said Ila Motawala.

Being able to watch the Super Bowl live in Hardrock Stadium would be a birthday present you'd never forget.

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However, tickets are limited and prices are steep and no matter the shade of red fans are wearing., most will find themselves cherring on their team from a bar and there is no shortage of options on the beach.

As for the Niners Faithful still holding on to faith that they'll be rooting on the 49ers from inside of Hardrock, they said they'll be just fine if it doesn't work out and they're watching the game on TV.

"I'm just here for the environment. Just here to support my team," said Payne.

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