'We're devastated': Vacaville family who fled wildfire returns to find 'forever home' destroyed

The couple says they had only lived here for eight months but they were so excited and had referred to it as their "forever home."
VACAVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- In Solano County, an estimated 62,000 acres have burned, according to the sheriff.

Thursday many families went back to their property for the first time. Most saw their home still standing but others like the Adams' weren't so fortunate.

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"He told me that we needed to leave immediately, that the fire was quickly approaching and we had to go," says Jessica Adams who is describing the moments she left her now destroyed house with her 1, 3, and 4-year-old children in the middle of the night.

"We literally ran out with no shoes. I remember my older daughter saying 'mommy I don't even have shoes on' and I said 'I don't either it's okay I want you to be a big girl. I need you to listen I need you to get in the car seat.'"

That was around two thirty in the morning Tuesday and now more than 48 hours later the home is a complete loss. Jessica's husband Seth was working that night.

VIDEO: Vacaville family flees home overnight as Hennessey Fire inched closer
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A Vacaville family is describing the moments of terror as they awoke to knocking on their front door. The couple and their kids were forced to evacuate overnight as the Hennessey Fire, a part of the LNU Lightning Complex Fire, inched closer.

He says he is thankful his wife and children made it out but still wonders if he could have saved their home.

"If I was here I felt like I could have turned on the sprinklers and dampened everything down a little bit. I think I could have salvaged it but I don't know."

In Solano County the sheriff estimates that 62,000 acres have burned. All part of the LNU Lightning Complex Fire. That includes several homes on nearby English Hills Road.

The Adams' say there isn't much left at their home. Some pool floats and a toy shopping cart can still be seen.

Seth tells us he did find a family heirloom. A pistol that has been in his family for some time.

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The couple says they had only lived here for eight months but they were so excited and had referred to it as their "forever home."

"We're devastated I also feel the love of family and friends who have reached out and to them I'm very thankful and they know who they are."

The Adams say they haven't yet determined what they will do going forward and if they'll rebuild or move somewhere else.

The family has setup a GoFundMe page that can be found here.


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