What Really Matters: Building a Better BART... fast

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- In his weekly on-air commentary, ABC7 News Anchor Dan Ashley focuses on a troubled mass transit system that is critical to the Bay Area.

BART is a great system, it just isn't run that way. I take BART whenever I can and I appreciate the convenience and the chance to avoid traffic.

What I don't appreciate is the far-too-common encounter with something unpleasant, unnerving, or even downright dangerous. I have friends who avoid riding at certain times or who no longer want their kids or spouse riding alone.

Commuters deserve a clean, reliable and SAFE mass transit system that serves them and eases the already over-burgeoned freeway system.

Each week, ABC7 News Anchor Dan Ashley offers commentary on the important issues affecting people where you live. Here's a look back at previous segments.
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