EXCLUSIVE: Ayesha Curry discusses new Oakland store and cafe Sweet July

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Friday, July 16, 2021
EXCLUSIVE: Ayesha Curry talks new Oakland store Sweet July
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ABC7 News' Jobina Fortson spoke to philanthropist Ayesha Curry, wife of Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors, on her Oakland shop, Sweet July.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- All eyes were on Ayesha Curry Monday afternoon inside her store, Sweet July. Curry was showing a group of excited fans how to activate healthy sleep with her Sweet Dreams tea.

It's was a big day inside her shop. Sweet July opened in Oakland at the beginning of the year, but the pandemic really put a damper on the community-building aspect of the space, until now.

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"Sweet July started out as just a mantra to find those things that bring joy into your life, whether they be big or small, and find ways to celebrate them every day," Curry said. "For me, all of my kids were born in July. I got married in July, and it was this time of extreme happiness."

Curry has created a place where she and others can hopefully find that same gratitude in the little things.

"It's that morning cup of coffee or tea, it's your skin care routine," Curry continued. "It's that perfect blanket."

ABC7 News anchor Jobina Fortson, like many others, has frequented Sweet July. She immediately noticed the female authors and Black women-owned businesses on display. Curry told Fortson all of those decisions were intentional. "Absolutely," Curry replied. "We're extremely particular about the brands that we collaborate with or feature in the store.

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Curry describes Sweet July as an inclusive brand. "There's something in here for everyone, but I do love to back my girls. I'm not even going to front. It feels good!"

Sweet July goes beyond the brick and mortar. It's a website, e-commerce, and even a quarterly magazine that's celebrating diversity, elevating emerging brands -- and the store basically brings those pages to life.

"Representation does matter," Curry said. "Sometimes it's just seeing a little bit of yourself in a situation you didn't know you could be a part of to give you that inspiration and push forward to know that you can."

Intention is clearly behind every move at Sweet July, right down to the store's location.

"Oakland is a place that has nurtured my family, my husband and I, since we started into our adulthood," Curry continued. "We started our family here and it's a town that has always embraced us. I feel like Oakland deserves to have nice things."

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Sweet July is located on 23rd Street in Uptown Oakland. "This block that we're on, it's a little u-shaped block full of businesses owned and run by women and Black women," Curry said.

If you're in the neighborhood, ABC7 News anchor Jobina Fortson recommends trying the bread pudding! The flavors include white chocolate lemon, vegan banana bread, and savory ham and cheese. Yummy.

"Those are our signatures," Curry went on. "I initially created those at home, but now we work with a bakery because people love it so much."

For more information about Curry's brand, visit SweetJuly.com.