Coronavirus blog: Life these days

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020
Coronavirus blog: Life these days
ABC7 Meteorologist Sandhya Patel opens up about how her family is getting through the novel coronavirus pandemic.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- I thought life was already hectic with a full-time career and three kids but I had no idea it was about to get crazier when the novel coronavirus pandemic hit. We are all being impacted by this crisis and I have been hearing from everyone from family to friends to parents of kids that go to the same schools as mine to complete strangers when I have gone out for essential services. I felt a strong urge to start this blog because it has been therapeutic for me to put my feelings on paper. I wanted to give other people the opportunity to do the same in the hopes that it would help them. I would love to hear how you're feeling and coping so please feel free to share.

CORONAVIRUS BLOG: ABC7 Meteorologist Sandhya Patel opens up about navigating life during COVID-19 crisis

Mask is a Must

Wearing a mask is now a mandate in many counties here in the Bay Area and if this step helps us protect one another, I am all for it.

I have been wearing a mask for weeks now every time I left home to go to the supermarket or run any essential errand.

I hope you have been too because something as simple as this will go a long way in helping slow the pandemic and continue to flatten the curve.

The sooner we get a handle on COVID-19, the better off we all are in the long run so let's do it.. together.

Cooking up a Storm!

What variety of food are you craving these days?

I think I have made everything under the sun!

I enjoy cooking but, I haven't really gotten a break other than occasional takeout. We have been and still are just trying to limit our exposure to others so we're not doing it as often. Obviously we're not going out to eat. Oh, how I miss that! I know you can relate.

These have been troubling times but, we will get out of them. Just think about how much we will appreciate those things we took for granted before.

Routines & Rules

While my family and I have settled into a good routine, the rules in our house have relaxed for the kids.

They're getting more screen time than we would like and their bed time is later than usual because they want to stay up and play on their kindles while my husband and I are working late at night. So, we let them. It's ok, it's not the end of the world!

Our kids are helping with chores more which is good life training skills they will need some day.

Working from Home

I have missed many of my wonderful colleagues at ABC7 since I have been working from home but, I must admit I do love some aspects of it like being able to wear my fuzzy slippers, no commute and feeling more rested getting that extra half an hour of sleep!

I'm sure there are aspects about your job you have also missed and others that you like since working from home. I am just thankful that we are healthy and I hope you remain well too.

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