Class of 2020: Santa Teresa High School parents create signs to honor senior students

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Friday, May 1, 2020
Santa Teresa High School parents create signs to honor senior students
Parents of senior students at Santa Teresa High School in San Jose, Calif. are honoring their kids with signs in their front yard. The signs display the pride of the students and the family.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- High School seniors across the Bay Area are dealing with the difficult reality that their academic year is done with proms, graduations and other activities cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This includes the seniors at Santa Teresa High School in San Jose, Calif.

It is a devastating reality for the students and their parents.

"I can't put my arm around my daughter and say, 'it's going to be alright and I know what you're going through'," STHS parent Lars Samson said. "I don't know what you're going through. No one in our lifetime has gone through this."

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They may not know how it feels, but can still offer a sign of encouragement to these seniors through an actual sign.

Throughout the Santa Teresa community are decorations created by parents and local sign company Fast Signs.

The signs honor students that have been through so much.

"This group of kids are just so resilient," STHS parent Heather Samson said. "They really know what it means to be independent and fight for what's important to them."

"It's just a tiny thing, but if it makes a little smile in the midst of tears, it's a good thing," Lars Samson said.

These signs are obviously important for parents to honor their kids, but it also has a strong message for the students as well.

Every time that they see these reminders in front of their home, they'll know that they were part of one of the most unique graduating classes in Santa Teresa history.

"I'm still proud to be a Saint," STHS Senior Kaelie Taylor said. "We're still sad, but it makes us happy that our school colors are out in our neighborhood and we're still represented in the ways that we can be."

Other San Jose high school parents have followed suit and started putting their own signs out highlighting seniors.

The hope is that despite what has been taken away, the students' accomplishments are never forgotten.

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"It just makes me happy to know that our name is out there and our seniors are out there," STHS parent Stefanie Taylor said. "The parents are super proud. Whether they have a sign or not, we're proud and we want the kids to know that."

If you attend Santa Teresa and want a sign of your own, you can contact Fast Signs in Campbell, Calif. or contact Stefanie Taylor on Facebook.

The price of each sign is $11.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020.

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