City of Alameda preps new trailers to house homeless during COVID-19 crisis

ALAMEDA, Calif. (KGO) -- Cities in the East Bay are moving ahead with plans to get at least some of their homeless population off the streets during the coronavirus pandemic. That includes the use of brand new trailers from the state office of emergency services.

Crews put the finishing touches on four new homes, trailers that will soon house eight people otherwise living on the streets of Alameda.

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The trailers, delivered from the California Office of Emergency Services, are just one part of Alameda's response to the COVID19 crisis for it's homeless population.

They are not only for the un-housed, but for those asymptomatic for coronavirus.

"We have one couple and a father and son who will be moving in for starters," said Amy Wooldridge with the City of Alameda Department of Human Services. "The goal is to give them a space where they can isolate. They're more vulnerable when they're on the street to getting Covid."

Meantime, across the estuary in Oakland, crews have laid the groundwork for the dozens of trailers that city has received. Now parked near the Oakland Coliseum, they are expected to be ready for residents as early as next week.

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Those who work with the Bay Area's homeless population know that for every person who gets a spot in one of these trailers, there are many more still on the streets.

"When they're on the street, they're open to the elements right?" explained Tomika Perkins with Operation Dignity. "The mortality rate for people on the street is already higher than most. Then to compound it with the virus, I don't think that's something as a community that we would want."

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