Bay Area brewery releases beer 'No More TIERS' as new reopening guidelines are announced

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Monday, March 15, 2021
Bay Area brewery releases 'No More TIERS' upon reopening
Now that California breweries and wineries no longer need to serve food to operate outdoors, crowds braved the cold and flocked to the waterside dining area at Faction in Alameda.

ALAMEDA, Calif, (KGO) -- Today it became official, California breweries and wineries no longer need to serve food to operate outdoors.

Throughout the day Saturday, Faction Brewing in Alameda had a line that got longer, with customers ready to come back.

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"It's been really great to see all the happy faces out here. Even though it's freezing cold, people are happy to be out here," said Claudia Pamparana, Faction Brewing co-owner.

Emeryville resident, Jenna Quilalang visited Faction with a group of friends who were celebrating getting vaccinated.

"You know last time I came was with her to this place. It's been a while - that was September," said Quilalang.

Before, breweries were required to offer food in order to open. As the tiers shifted, what helped Faction was the Scolari's food truck on their property.

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"We are all family at this point. We work together and we are doing this as a team and for the last seven months we couldn't open unless we had a food truck so we relied on them to be here," said Pamparana and added, "We struggled a little bit. January was a little scary but luckily things like round two of PPP loans came around and we were able to hang on and luckily we were open to reopen in January and things have been brighter."

Scolari's food truck owner, Michael Boyd, says they have helped each other throughout this pandemic. The two business owners have been working together for the past four years.

"They couldn't do it without us and I don't know that we could do it without them," said Boyd.

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Starting today the food requirement has been lifted. Alameda County is in the red tier which means breweries can open outdoors only and are required to implement a 90-minute time limit per table and the business has to close by 8 p.m.

All the changes in tiers inspired Faction Brewing to come out with a new beer called "No more tiers."

"Were selling just above our cost to help support them (restaurants and bars) so they can make some money and get some people out there. We just released it this week and we told everybody when you see that beer on tap order it because you are helping that business," said Pamparana.

Something else breweries and wineries are looking forward to is that once their counties move into the orange tier they'll be able to open indoors at 25% capacity or up to 100 people whichever is fewer.

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