Coronavirus outbreak: 10th COVID-19 death confirmed at Gateway nursing home in Hayward

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020
Coronavirus outbreak: 10th COVID-19 death confirmed at Gateway nursing home in Hayward
There has been another death due to COVID-19 at the Gateway nursing home in Hayward. This is the facility's 10th death from coronavirus.

HAYWARD, Calif. (KGO) -- Late Monday night ABC7 News learned that a 10th person from the Gateway Care & Rehabilitation Center has died of COVID-19. Despite this, the facility remains open right now.

Jaime Patino is a Union City Councilmember who confirmed that his grandmother Emma passed at 8:28 Monday evening.

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We first met Patino last Thursday when news broke that six people had died at the facility.

At that time Jaime described his grandmother's condition, "she's doing well she doesn't have a fever just the regular aches and pains a normal 85 year old would have."

Five days later and she has passed.

Jaime says she was taken to the hospital and put on oxygen Friday. When she arrived at the hospital doctors were giving her 30 percent oxygen. Within 72 hours she was on 89 percent oxygen.

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Jaime says the hospital was able to schedule one last group phone call between family members and his grandmother.

She wasn't able to talk because she had been given morphine for the pain. Family members said a prayer and told her what they loved about her.

While we were at the Gateway facility Monday at least two ambulances took patients away.

The facility has not talked publicly since news broke of the deaths. Attorney John Burris said Monday afternoon they may soon face a lawsuit.

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