Inside the base camp for firefighters battling the County Fire

NAPA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- This is the part of fighting wildfires that you don't often see, a place where more firetrucks line up than you can count.

"They need a place to shower, to sleep, have food, medical care at times," said Cal Fire Captain Josh Rubenstein.

MAPS: A look at the 'County Fire' in Yolo County

Hence the tents, the food, and all the signs directing men and women to what they need to at the base camp in Napa.

After working 25 hours on the fire lines, they get 24 hours off.

"We know we're probably not going to be home much," said Mike Tribolet from Marin County Fire. "You go to see parts of the state you wouldn't go to, otherwise."

One of those parts is the Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland, where this camp sprung up last weekend.

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Firefighters can go out, come in, fix gear, load water, and even clean the trucks.

"It's wasn't red, anymore. Brown in color," said Captain Nathan Hanks of the Meridian Fire District, indicating a dirty firetruck. "We take pride in our equipment."

The planning happens here too, on maps as big as tables.

Every man, woman, and machine is represented on the board with a tab of paper. They're either coming in or going out. This is a lifestyle.

"We won't know for sure where we're going until tomorrow morning," said Tribolet.

During wildfire season in California, anything goes.

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