SF mayor responds after poll results show dissatisfaction with her performance, state of city

Breed says the survey offers her helpful information, as she' not surprised by the results.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2022
SF mayor responds after poll shows 'dismal approval rating'
A new poll in the SF Chronicle shows a majority of constituents are dissatisfied with Mayor London Breed's performance and the state of the city.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A new poll in the San Francisco Chronicle is zeroing in on Mayor London Breed's performance during the last year years. Depending on how you look at it, some say it highlights how frustrated people are about what the Mayor hasn't done for the city. Others argue the numbers show more support for the Mayor than discontent.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the new poll results indicate quote "a dismal approval rating that reflects residents' anger with government dysfunction."

Mayor Breed says the poll results will not discourage her from tackling the city's biggest problems.

Front and center, in the San Francisco Chronicle Tuesday, a headline that reads "Is Breed Out of Favor? Chronicle Poll Shows Ire at City Dysfunction."

The poll question reads: "How would you evaluate how the Mayor of San Francisco has done at making San Francisco a better place to live and work during the last 3 years?"

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Less than a quarter of San Franciscans believe Mayor London Breed has done "an excellent or good job" at improving the city.

42% say she's done a fair job.

35% say she's done a poor or very poor job.

We asked Mayor Breed what the poll results mean to her and her efforts to turn the city around.

The San Francisco Chronicle polled more than 1,650 people in late June, early July as part of the SFNext Project.

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"This is a survey of a small constituency of San Franciscans. And overall, I feel like their sentiments are consistent with what most people are feeling in this city. I'm personally feeling myself," said Mayor Breed. "I am also equally frustrated as to our ability to get things done, be able to hire people in a timely matter. It's extremely frustrating but it does not mean that we give up."

The Mayor says she steered the city safely through the pandemic and she said her strong leadership helped make a difference in cleaning up the Tenderloin.

ABC7 News insider Phil Matier said the Chronicle's poll is a detailed snapshot.

"Obviously people are not happy. They are not happy about the state of the city," said Matier.

"This poll says she has one of the toughest jobs I have ever seen for Mayor of San Francisco; the pandemic didn't change things as much as it accelerated them. Existing problems grew all the more worse. And on top of things such as homelessness, on top of things such as transit, on top of things such as high cost of living and the open drug dealing; she also has the high cost of an empty downtown. So, going forward, she may not have the luxury of the money of her predecessors has to solve these inherent problems," said Matier.

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The Mayor said the survey offers her helpful information. She's not surprised by the results.

"There is a lot of challenges with our city. A lot of dysfunction and a lot of bureaucratic layers that make it so difficult to do the things that people want to see here," said Mayor Breed.

But, she says she's working hard to get things done.

"We're trying to be as aggressive as we can. But, I must be completely honest. The layers of bureaucracy make it really difficult to be as effective," said the Mayor. "It's not just about homeless people. It's not OK to put homeless people in a lump sum category and say we're not doing enough. We have to do more around mental health. We have to do more about substance use disorder and of course, we have to make sure people have a safe affordable place to call home."

The new poll indicates that 1/3 of the people surveyed are not happy with Mayor Breed. But it also shows that 2/3 of the people are in favor of what she's doing.

The Mayor says she's keeping her eye on the goal -- to turn things around for the city of San Francisco.

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