49ers fans in Vegas enjoying the week ahead of Super Bowl, but many will be watching game on TV

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Wednesday, February 7, 2024
49ers fans land in Vegas, but many will be watching Super Bowl on TV
Super Bowl festivities are now underway in Las Vegas. Team and fan activities are in full swing.

LAS VEGAS (KGO) -- Super Bowl festivities are now underway in Las Vegas.

Team and fan activities are in full swing ahead of the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

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One woman was wearing homemade pants that read 'Go Niners' when we came across her.

"I'm the biggest Niner fan on the face of the planet. Go Niners, a Bang Bang Niner Gang," says Haley Estabrook of Arizona. Estabrook even has her Arizona Cardinals-fan boyfriend wearing a Christian McCaffrey jersey.

"So you must really be in love with her to wear this jersey?," we asked the boyfriend.

"Absolutely, absolutely!" said Jacob Jones.

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The Faithful sent the 49ers off to Las Vegas in wet weather, while the ABC7 News crew spent nearly 10 hours flying there because of it.

But let's hope most of the love in this town is for the San Francisco 49ers.

Former Miss California and current Warriors in-arena host Catherine Liang is in town. She's involved in Lunar New Year events at the Palazzo at The Venetian Resort. Also involved in cheering for her team.

"Does former Miss California lose her voice when she cheers for the Niners?," we asked Liang.

"Oh, all the time, even for the Warriors too!"

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Two others we talked with would also be losing their voice at the Super Bowl but the price tag of the big game, just a bit much. Especially after attending the NFC Championship for $2,000.

"I mean, I got my boss at work who was like 'dang, we pay you too much.' I was like you know you don't pay me enough if I want to go to the Super Bowl game," said Rob Williams.

Rob's wife was pretty straight to the point about it.

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Super Bowl tickets are at a premium price. One ticket site says it's the highest demand in 15 years, another says this is the most expensive.

"When they said $9,000, $6,000 for tickets to the Super Bowl you were like?" we said.

"I was like which kidney can I sell? said Ana Williams.

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