San Francisco Fleet Week helping to unite Americans during challenging times

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Saturday, October 8, 2022
Fleet Week helping unite Americans during challenging times
At a time where many might feel the polarization of politics, people here say Fleet Week 2022 remains an event that helps unite all Americans.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The Fleet Week Air Show roared over San Francisco Friday afternoon. A huge crowd was there to see the aerial spectacular.

WATCH LIVE SATURDAY: Blue Angels to soar over SF for Fleet Week 2022

The Navy's Blue Angels tore up the sky over San Francisco, doing what they do best.

The death-defying precision flying is always amazing for Fleet Week Air Show spectators like Cathy Gutierrez.

"The sound, the rumble, you have to be here to feel it," said Gutierrez.

"Oh my god, so fast and amazing," said Sonja Turley from Pittsburg.

Watch Blue Angels across San Francisco skyline

Check out some of the best moment from this year's SF Fleet Week Blue Angels air show.

Other fighter jets had their closeups too. Even a United Airlines 777 passenger jet did some low altitude flying through the fog across the Bay.

It began with the parade of ships and a water cannon escort by the San Francisco Fire Department's fireboat.

"Got to see parade of ships, the proximity of the aircraft is wonderful, nice and close," said Keith Booth from San Jose.

Julie Raines and her husband are from Tennessee.

"The energy. To see all our military people, to see the planes, the parade of ships. It's beautiful," she said.

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Born and raised in San Francisco, Lt. Scott Goossens is among one of the pilots flying for the Blue Angels in this year's Fleet Week.

At Pier 39, dozens gathered to watch a performance put on by one of the Navy's bands.

But while Fleet Week has always been one of the most exciting things on the Bay Area's social calendar, it also holds a deeper meaning for many service men and women as a way to strengthen their relationship with the public.

The band's lead singer, Taylor Johns, believes she and her bandmates can play a special role in fostering that relationship.

"Everybody loves music, so we're usually like a gateway to loving the Navy. You love our band, you love the Navy, and then you kind of get behind it," she said.

And at a time where many might feel the polarization of politics, people here say Fleet Week remains an event that helps unite all Americans.

"In a time where we are so divided, this is one event that brings us together and that's wonderful," said Maan Renshaw.

VIDEO: You can get a glimpse into Navy life through virtual reality at SF Fleet Week

Thanks to virtual reality, you'll be able to experience what it's like to be in the Navy, at this weekend's San Francisco Fleet Week Air Show.

The U.S. Navy's Leap Frog team parachuted down in patriotic style.

The U.S. Army conducted a mini-boot camp for guest recruits, while honoring the history of Fleet Week.

"It's important, so many veterans in the Bay Area are showing recognition for their legacy and all those who served in military," said Fleet Week executive director Lewis Loeven.

The Fleet Week Air Show continues through Sunday.

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