'Maybe he's out here and about to shoot us' Shopper describes moments of agony during Tanforan mall shooting

SAN BRUNO, Calif. (KGO) -- Love Randrup was shopping when she heard what she describes as a continuous round of bullets going off just feet away from her.

"The beginning was like pow, pow, pow, and it wasn't clear and then it was closer and it was clear that something was wrong," said Randrup.

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Her first instinct was to run inside the closest store.

"The Victoria Secret associates shut the doors and it was a glass door so we were so worried. They told us to hide in the back because they didn't know what was going on," said Randrup.

Around 4:05 pm Randrup took to Instagram to alert her family and friends that she was barricaded inside the mall.

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"What happened to the world? Barricaded inside. There's a shooting in Tanforan. Keep out. Waiting for cops," she wrote.

Ten people along with her shut the storage room door of the Victoria Secret store and in silence waited for help.

"We were hunkered down in one room and it was dark," Randrup describes this moment as "pure fear."

Ten to 15 minutes later, the SWAT team arrived and escorted the group outside the Tanforan mall.

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"They still haven't found the shooter but I'm glad to be out," said Randrup as she walked outside the mall.

Love Randrup told us she's not planning on going back to that Tanforan mall anytime soon. But said something good did come out of this; a new perspective on life.
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