What Really Matters: Staying the course at a COVID crossroad

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- In his weekly on-air commentary, ABC7 New anchor Dan Ashley with a look at why we are at an important moment in the fight to stop the spread of coronavirus.

With the Bay Area about to enter a third week of shelter-at-home, a lot of people are feeling the strain of being cooped-up. But it is more important now than ever that we all continue to comply with the order and with social distancing rules.

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I have been extremely diligent about making sure I do everything humanly possible to avoid becoming infected. None of us want to get this thing, but I particularly don't want to risk passing it along to others or not being able to work during this critical time.

But, as careful as I am being, I have to constantly remind myself not to let my guard down. As time goes by, it's easier to become more complacent and we all have to be careful to not let that happen.

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