Ukraine supporters in Bay Area rally against war, fundraise for humanitarian relief

"I can feel the support of all the people. A lot of people care what's going on in Ukraine."

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Sunday, March 6, 2022
Ukraine supporters in Bay Area protest against war
Outrage over the war in Ukraine continues to grow in the Bay Area where people rallied and fundraised for humanitarian relief.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Outrage over the war in Ukraine is growing in the Bay Area, Saturday saw protest rallies and fundraisers for humanitarian relief.

Hundreds of people gathered at San Jose City Hall to support Ukraine by singing its national anthem and condemning Russia's invasion.

Organizers say 20,000 Ukrainians live the Bay Area and many of them are tech workers. Activists are calling on Silicon Valley to cut ties with Russian companies.

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"A lot of companies have done that already, we thank them but we need to put pressure on those who have not to condemned the invasion and tell Russian to get the hell out of Ukraine," said Nova Ukraine co-founder Nick Bilogorskiy.

In San Francisco, a small but vocal protest at City Hall where University of San Francisco students were calling on the U.S. to impose more economic sanctions on Russia.

"The people in charge, they're the ones that can bring change in government. The only way they can do that if the people are upset enough and the people make it known to politicians," said USF student Isobel Ramos.

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Sergey Shukayoo was folding a lot of pastry boxes at Pushkin, a Ukrainian restaurant, where on Saturday, 100 percent of all pirozhki sales was donated to organizations providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

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Sergey, a native of Ukraine says piroshki pre-orders sold out fast proving people care about the ongoing crisis.

"I can feel the support of all the people. A lot of people care what's going on in Ukraine, not only in the United States, but all over the world. People support Ukraine and this fight," he said.

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On Friday, the Bay Area saw some of the first Ukrainian refugees arrive at SFO reuniting with loved ones now living here. Vira Havryliuk left her homeland with only a suitcase, she says after a bombing blitz by the Russians, she has nothing to return to.

"No house, no town, no family, no dog," Havryliuk said.

She and others may seek asylum in the U.S., and apply for refugee status.

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