Kincade Fire: Approximately 300 farmworkers feeling stuck in Cloverdale without food, gas, power

CLOVERDALE, Calif. (KGO) -- Cloverdale is a city, but to hundreds of farmworkers the last four days have felt like an island.

"The gas station is closed, no power, no nothing."

'You can't go anywhere?'

"No," said Vineyard worker, Gregorio Alvarez Jr.

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Like Gregorio Alvarez Jr., there are approximately 300 vineyard workers reaping the devastating outcome of the Kincade fire. For at least four days, many of them have been feeling stuck in Cloverdale where they evacuated.

We met Gregorio's dad in line to get food.

"Un burrito eso vamos ha almorzar ahorita" (A burrito is our lunch), said vineyard worker, Gregorio Alvarez.

A chicken burrito is his first and only meal of the day.

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The only help up here is coming from locals who took what they had in their fridge and cooked it up for everyone.

Non- profits like Lion Club, Kiwanis International, and California Human Development heard about the need here, and also came to help.

"Volunteers we are helping to answer their questions and to help their needs. I think that without that they'll be lost in the system," said California Human Development CEO, Anita Maldonado.

Gregorio showed us his family's set up. Two tents and four people per tent.

The family's truck is now a dining room. In the front of the car is where Gregorio Alvarez Jr. sleeps.

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"You can see I've got my blankets and I'm sleeping right here," said Alvarez.

While they wait in the Citrus Fairgrounds, they hope their home is still standing.

ABC7 News Reporter Luz Pena asked, "What's keeping that positivity alive?"

Gregorio Alvarez Jr.'s answer was simple.


If you would like to help you can visit the California human Development website.

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