ABC7 Originals Documentary: 'The Earthquake Effect' provides in-depth coverage on Bay Area's readiness for the next major earthquake

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Saturday, October 19, 2019
ABC7 Originals Documentary: 'The Earthquake Effect'
On the anniversary of Loma Prieta, we looked back at the past and also gave you a glimpse into the future in our ABC7 Originals Documentary: "The Earthquake Effect."

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- ABC7's "The Earthquake Effect" debuted on the 30th anniversary week of the Loma Prieta earthquake. It featured a never before seen aerial view of the entire vulnerable Hayward Fault using exclusive SKY7 mapping technology and brand new first time footage inside the Bay Bridge structure to demonstrate its readiness. The series revealed the potentially dangerous situation every Bay Area resident faces should an earthquake of equal size happen today.

During the week we shared a series of four feature-length stories to take us back through those scary moments and help us all be prepared for the next major quake

  1. Bridging the Faults -The catastrophic fall and slow rise of the Bay Bridge after Loma Prieta
  2. 30 years after Loma Prieta quake, scientists call Bay Area 'Tectonic Time Bomb'
  3. Hayward Fault - Here's how close you are to the most dangerous fault in America
  4. Here's what cities are doing to keep you safe

We also brought you a 30-minute, commercial free special broadcast on the anniversary of Loma Prieta that was available on TV, and the ABC7 News App.