Coronavirus blog: Phasing back into new reality

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Coronavirus blog: Phasing back into new reality
ABC7 Meteorologist Sandhya Patel opens up about how her family is getting through the novel coronavirus pandemic.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- I thought life was already hectic with a full-time career and three kids but I had no idea it was about to get crazier when the novel coronavirus pandemic hit. We are all being impacted by this crisis and I have been hearing from everyone from family to friends to parents of kids that go to the same schools as mine to complete strangers when I have gone out for essential services. I felt a strong urge to start this blog because it has been therapeutic for me to put my feelings on paper. I wanted to give other people the opportunity to do the same in the hopes that it would help them. I would love to hear how you're feeling and coping so please feel free to share.

CORONAVIRUS BLOG: ABC7 Meteorologist Sandhya Patel opens up about navigating life during COVID-19 crisis

Feeling it Now

It has been over two months since the shelter in place went into effect and if you're going stir crazy, you're not alone!

I think it's only human to feel this way so don't be too hard on yourself.

Now that the restrictions are easing in different facets of our lives, I am hoping we regain some sense of "normalcy."

It's still important that we take the steps needed to protect ourselves and those around us.

Phase 3 of Reopening

California is moving into phase three with hair salons and malls reopening in all but, eleven counties. This gives me hope.

Don't look at my hair now but, I did trim off some areas out of desperation recently! I think many of you can relate.

I love to shop and definitely miss it but, I'm not going to rush in to do it right away.

I would like to see what kind of steps are being taken to protect people because the risk isn't worth it to me.

We have come this far to flatten the curve, why break that trend now?

If we just continue wearing our masks and keeping the social distance, we will all be better off.

Places of Worship

New guidelines were released for churches and other places of worship to reopen.

Due to social distancing requirements, fewer people will be allowed to congregate at the same time but, it's in interest of safety.

Hopefully, the ability to attend will help some people struggling with this pandemic and needing a place to find solace and connection.

Education in the Fall

This is going to be a whole new world!

We are hearing about possible scenarios on what school will look like in the fall. Nothing is etched in stone yet but, some kids may be doing a combination of in person and distance learning. It could mean two days on, three days off and then alternating that the following week.

The kids have already been distance learning the last few months so the transition should be easier for them.

If this schedule allows the students and the faculty to remain safe, I think we have to just accept the new way of learning.

How will this effect working parents if and when the kids are at home?

It's going to be challenging for some families.

If you want to hear more about what the future of education will look like, you can join our virtual town hall tomorrow addressing the impacts of COVID-19.

WATCH THURSDAY: 'Education: A Bay Area Conversation,' virtual town hall addressing COVID-19 impact on schools

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