Coronavirus trends: City dwellers looking to move to suburbs amid pandemic

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Sunday, May 3, 2020
Pandemic spurs suburban housing trend
Realtors are noticing the growth in popularity in suburban housing markets during the COVID-19 crisis. Cities such as New York is already seeing a mild population decline- and the pandemic could supercharge the trend.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Realtors are noticing a new trend coming out of the coronavirus pandemic.

City dwellers are looking to move to the suburbs for fresh air and a little extra space.

"I've been inside for 48 days now with three little boys. It's a challenge for me as a parent and for the kids themselves," says lifelong New Yorker Chloe Davis.

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Davis and her husband could never have imagined leaving the Big Apple- until now.

Weeks spent inside a cramped two bedroom apartment home schooling their young sons and caring for their pets have changed their perspective. Now they want to find a house in nearby suburbs.

Housing industry experts say the uncertainty of the virus and the economy is part of it.

"So if somebody said 'Hey this is six weeks and you're going to be fine', it'd be a different animal. But these people are like, 'What happens when the second wave comes?"'

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Many cities were already seeing a mild population decline- and the pandemic could supercharge the trend.

That could force steep cuts in tax revenue and basic services like schools, transit, police and fire.

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