'Pandemiquette': How to survive in a world of tricky coronavirus social situations

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Saturday, August 8, 2020
'Pandemiquette' tips from lifestyle expert Elaine Swann
ABC7's Reggie Aqui spoke with lifestyle & etiquette expert Elaine Swann about how to navigate certain social situations in public during the covid-19 pandemic and explains what we should be doing with masks, social distancing, and dining outdoors.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Living through the COVID-19 pandemic is something we are having to learn day by day, and it means some are taking a little longer to figure out how to handle themselves in public.

ABC7's Reggie Aqui called in the expert, and created a new piece of coronavirus terminology along the way.

Both he and Elaine Swann discussed the very necessary tips to passing with proper 'pandemiquette' skills.

How exactly should we tell someone that they're just too close behind us at the grocery? Is there a good way to tell people to put on their mask correctly?

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With most situations, Swann believes it's most important to approach anyone not keeping their space, or not wearing a mask, from a place of respect.

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"Make sure that we're not point the finger and doing so in a very accusing manner," says Swann. Instead trying an approach of, "'Excuse me, I want to make sure that we are practicing proper social distancing, so can we put just a little bit of space between us right now?'"

As for what to do with anyone who is unwilling to wear their mask in a public setting, Swann suggests one mantra to live by: "Let crazy be crazy".

The expert on etiquette also dished out one easy trick for dealing with your mask while dining outdoors at a restaurant.

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