49ers vs. Lions: Here's where you can watch NFC Championship game in Bay Area

Saturday, January 27, 2024
Where you can watch 49ers vs. Lions game in Bay Area
Here are the official watch parties where you can watch the NFC Championship game between the 49ers and the Lions in the Bay Area.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Sunday, you don't have to be at Levi's Stadium to enjoy a 49ers faithful-filled atmosphere.

Official team watch parties are happening in the Bay Area, Mexico, and even in England where the local time in London will be 11:30 p.m. for kickoff.

Niners fans all around the world are pumped up and getting ready for the NFC Championship game.

That includes in San Jose where couple Christine Zeyen and Sean Collins enjoyed a walk with their dogs on Friday.

But come Sunday, this will be a house divided.

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Zeyen is Bay Area born and raised, her dad brought her up to be 49er faithful.

Collins, meanwhile, was born in Europe and had a futbol team, but not a football team until he moved to Michigan.

They can't wait for Sunday.

"So for me, it's actually going to be my first every Lions game in person," Collins said. "I have never been as excited as I am to be a Lions fan. The years of struggle has kind of epitomized what we're going into this weekend."

"I'm honestly not worried about cheering against him," Zeyen said. "I'm more worried about the heckling that he's going to get just for wearing this color. But, honestly just excited for a good game of football."

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Novato residents know better than anyone just how good their hometown QB Jarod Goff is and have mixed feelings about this Sunday's NFC Championship.

Now, not everyone will be as lucky as Zeyen and Collins to be at Levi's Stadium for the NFC Championship. But there are still ways fans can enjoy the big game surrounded by the Faithful.

There will be three official 49ers watch parties across the Bay Area on Sunday at San Pedro Social in San Jose, Plank in Oakland and MoMo's in San Francisco. The parties run from 2:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

There is also a fan rally on Saturday Jan. 28 from 1 p.m. to 4p.m. at The Plex in San Jose.

The events are free, but you must reserve a ticket. Information can be found on the 49ers website.

MoMo's owner Scott Morton sold more than 120 pizzas last weekend and Sunday could be even better for business.

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"This time of year, for us, is typically on the slower side," Morton said. "But, definitely expanding our ordering pars, whether that's food or beverage, and taking a good look at the menu and seeing what we want to provide for anywhere upwards of 800-900 people."

Kynard Payba, the general manager of San Pedro Social Club, said he feel honored and excited. The market sold 1,200 tickets sold within six hours.

"I think it's the comradery, I think everyone wearing the same colors cheering for the same team - everyone's all combined together," Payba said.

Around the corner, you already know Randy Musterer is gearing up his restaurant at Sushi Confidential.

New pitchers, new TVs and custom Niners merch.

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"You have to have fun, the easy part is the Niners have been doing well through so many years," Musterer said.

Half of the patio is already sold out for his watch party on Sunday.

"We're opening up early, we're going to open up at 1 p.m., we're over staffing. Not only are we opening our big patio bar, but we're opening up our inside bar as well," Musterer said.

Musterer partnered with Andrea Hahn, the owner of Frost Cupcake Factory to offer a watch party platter with sushi rolls in the shape of 49 and custom 49ers cupcakes.

"When the Niners win, we have two more weeks of planning for the Super Bowl," Musterer said.

Plenty of dessert shops around the Bay Area will be taking orders on Saturday.

Here's where you can go in the South Bay to watch the 49ers play in the NFC Championship game on Sunday.

Andrea Lacey, the owner of San Jose based Luv's Brownies, will be pulling up with treats and Cuban coffee.

"People are requesting block parties, private home parties quite a bit," Lacey said.

As a 49ers fan herself, Lacey talked about the advantages of hosting a private party.

"TVs are better today, right? Like the whole experience being close to your own bathroom is always nice, and I also think too when people call the truck they just don't want this mess in their house.

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We're super excited for this weekend, so love that its my team - love the fact that I'm a Bay Area native and you know we're just ready!" Lacey said.

International team watch parties in London and Mexico are expected to draw big crowds as well.

The team says the fans are known as the Faithful for a reason.

"They show up in the good and the bad and right now, we are hopefully at one of our peaks in our good history, our positive history with the San Francisco 49ers," 49ers sr. manager of fan engagement Nick Clarke said. "The fan base grows more and more by the day, but also by the year in regions that we never would've suspected."

Faithful fans in bad times being rewarded this year with a thrilling season and a chance to go all the way.

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