Oakland students create informational coronavirus music video to beat of Mustard and Roddy Ricch's 'Ballin'

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A group of Oakland students created a music video with a simple but powerful message for protecting oneself from COVID-19.

The lyrics are catchy and go to the beat of the popular rap song "Ballin'" byt Mustard and Roddy Ricch - "Cover your face and wash your hands. This virus is spreading all over our lands and we don't wanna leave, we want to stand."

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Vince Vo is the singer of the music video, a student at Oakland High School who thinks it's an effective message for other teenagers, especially in times of uncertainty.

"I see more young people going outside. They don't want to stay inside. I feel like people are really bored, they just want to go outside and do whatever they want," explained Vo.

The nearly two-minute video was created by Oakland Unified School students who work with the nonprofit Youth Beat, a multimedia program.

"We quickly encouraged the students to look around them and create some media that would hopefully be informative and entertaining for youth and others for during these trying times," said Youth Beat Executive Director Jake Schoneker.

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Each student worked independently and then came together online to finalize it.

"Lots of emails," said Jason Nguyen, another student who worked on the project and did most of the editing.

"We shared Google docs and like shared the lyrics and what we have planned for the music video," added Vo.

The video will be on many social media platforms.

"All the kids are on social media so we'll upload it to Instagram, and YouTube and sort of spread the word," said Nguyen.

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