Santa Rosa man's mannequins send social distancing message; 'Even a dummy can do it'

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020
Santa Rosa man's mannequins send social distancing message; 'Even a dummy can do it'
A Santa Rosa man who once used naked mannequins to protest a city ordinance against his high fence, is now using them as lawn decorations to promote social distancing and thank essential workers during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- In the midst of suburbia, a twist on the manicured greens lawns that decorate most front yards is a sign of the times - socially distanced mannequins. They're even wearing face masks.

"You get what he is doing?" we asked Norm about Jason Windus, across the street.

"No. I have no idea what is doing," Norm said.

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Or "they," to be more precise. They, as in the mannequins, spaced six feet apart Jason Windus' yard, to serve as a message.

"Social distancing. Even a dummy can do it," Jason explained. "It's a thank you to first responders, police, doctors, nurses, people who work in grocery stores."

Here at the corner of Sundance and Peterson in Santa Rosa, Jason's had already earned a reputation.

"The mannequin guy," explained Donna Bourdet from the comfort of her passing SUV.

What began last year as a protest against a local ordinance requiring Jason to lower his fence has evolved with coronavirus.

"I mean everyone is affected. We're all staying home."

The mannequins began social distancing in parallel at the same time their flesh and blood brethren did. When we stop, they will stop.

Until then, "I mean the world is a serious place right now. It's important," said Jason.

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And, after the better part of a month with all of us feeling cooped up, Jason's mannequins have become a welcome respite for most of us.

Neighbors driving or strolling by sound more like instant docents.

"I am I really proud we have them," said Donna Bourdet, still in her SUV. "It is good to have eclectic people in the neighborhood."

"I think they set a good example for all of us," added Gloria Mosenberg.

"They're telling us what to do. Yeah. Even the mannequins can do it," interpreted her husband, Sanford.

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So now, the big question.

"You ever going to put clothes on them " we asked Jason.

"I thought about it," he said, but wouldn't commit.

Then again, how can a person not think when passing this display?

Six feet apart? Sure beats six feet under.

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Don't mess with Jason Windus of Santa Rosa.

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