Friends improvise to throw surprise, socially-distanced bachelorette party for San Francisco woman amid COVID-19

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Sunday, April 19, 2020
Friends in San Francisco held a surprise, socially-distanced bachelorette party for Megan Hall during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- When the novel coronavirus cancels one of the most memorable events of someone's life, a group of friends in San Francisco improvised and planned a surprise bachelorette party for their friend.

Megan Hall and her friends were spotted along Gough Street in San Francisco's Marina neighborhood on Saturday, decked out in feather boas.

Draped over Hall's shoulder: a pink satin "Bride To Be" sash to celebrate her upcoming July 11 wedding.

Instead of a party of 14 for her planned bachelorette party in Catalina, she and a few friends who could make it decided on a socially-distanced party with lawn chairs, signs and balloons outside her apartment.

Hall and her friends say strangers have been driving past, honking their horns and waving, wishing them well for her upcoming nuptials.

Hall's friend Lauren Ammantuna said, "It's actually warmer here in San Francisco today than it is in Catalina."

While Hall's wedding in San Luis Obispo may end up getting cancelled as well, she's turning lemons into lemonade however she can.

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