Here's when the heat wave will be over in the San Francisco Bay Area

There shouldn't be any more thunder or lightning after Monday, but the high temperatures continue

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Monday, August 17, 2020
Here's when Bay Area heat wave will end
When will the heat wave be over? ABC7 meteorologist Mike Nicco breaks down the timeline.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Stay strong, Bay Area. The light at the end of this heat wave tunnel is in sight.

After a weekend of record-breaking temperatures and rare summer thunderstorms, Monday is shaping up to be another hot day in the Bay Area. However, after Monday, there shouldn't be any more booming thunder or flashing lightning in the area, according to ABC7 News meteorologist Mike Nicco.

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But when will this oppressive heat go away?

Much of the Bay Area is stuck with scorching heat through Wednesday. High temperatures are forecast to be between 102 and 106 degrees between now and Wednesday in inland areas and around 90 degrees along the bay, says Nicco. Only coastal areas will be in the 70s in the first half of the week.

After Wednesday, the worst of the heat will have passed for some. But before you get too excited, it's still going to be pretty hot. Inland, parts of the Bay Area will still be dealing with temperatures in the 90s for the rest of the week. Areas near the bay are about 10 degrees cooler, in the low 80s. The lucky folks by the coast are going to see high 60s and low 70s late in the week.

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Mother Nature is putting on quite a display Sunday morning. ABC7's cameras around the Bay Area captured some amazing shots of the lightning show.

But if you're hoping for a real cool-down, we've got some bad news.

"For the entire Bay Area, models show average or below average highs beginning around Aug. 29, about 12 days from now," says Nicco.

The 12-day countdown starts now.

ABC7 News' Norma Yuriar contributed to this report.

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