Ama Daetz | ABC7 KGO News Team
I'm a San Jose native who is thrilled to be back in the Bay Area! As a Loyola Marymount University graduate, I've always had a passion for journalism and a strong desire to be a trusted source for local and world news.

I began my career as a writer, producer and editor in Fresno. From there, I anchored and reported in Amarillo, TX, Kalamazoo, MI and Detroit, MI. Most recently, I was an Anchor for the FOX affiliate in Sacramento. However, my work hasn't been limited to local news. I've had the pleasure of acting in a primetime TV series and was even eaten by a monster in a sci-fi movie!

When I'm not working, I'm usually playing outside or exploring new places. You might find me cheering on the Giants while enjoying some garlic fries and Ghirardelli ice cream. I also love animals and a good, long nap!

I'm excited to be back in the community. I look forward to being a part of your day and would love for you to be a part of mine! Follow me on Twitter and find me on Facebook. I always enjoy hearing from you!

Ama Daetz is weekday co-anchor of ABC7 News at 4 p.m., 6 p.m., 9 p.m. and 11 p.m.

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